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Where you can list and find Student Housing near your school campus.

OCL is the Canadian authority site for students, parents, landlords, property managers, investors and sellers to post and search for off campus housing, student housing for Canadian colleges and universities. Our site features a map for ad addresses. Which lets the potential tenant, roommate or buyer know the distance to their desired campuses. Users can make an informed decision using the ad details, pictures and the distance to their campus prior to visiting their potential rental or investment.

Not sure which college or university to choose? Search different campuses and view the rental costs. To determine the affordability of living in a particular area or the profitability of these rentals. Contacting the potential landlord or seller is only a click away for your questions or to book a viewing. Using various social outlets, users can share the listings with friends, family members and investors. Landlords, property managers, and sellers can advertise their listings with these same social media outlets. Landlords can review other listings in their area to provide them with guidance on pricing. As well as view other units available their area to determine if they need to be more competitive.

Looking for a roommate or to sublet your place? Use our site to reach out to those looking. You’ve decided to sell your rental property? Perfect, post here to potential investors and seek out those who are already investing or looking to invest. Our site is secured by Organizational Validation SSL Certificate by Comodo. Which yields a safe environment for posting, searching and processing payments. Navigating our site is easy for everyone. If you need any support, click the blue icon in the bottom right corner and we’ll be there! OCL does not make any claims or affiliations with any of posted schools on our site. Happy House Hunting, be sure to List or find Student Housing near your school campus!

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